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Natural light floods into the dining area of this Roger Walker designed New Plymouth home. Window treatments including shutters and interlined linen curtains frame the view of the garden. Custom made window treatments are worth the investment. Drapes keep the warmth in and absorb noise, while the shutters add texture as well as light control. A carpet runner on the table provides richness, with the assortment of chairs all up-cycled, adding to the appeal of the setting.


A lot is demanded of this small walk through which performs several functions. It is an interesting space with a picture window looking out to a water feature, also the staircase, access to other rooms, plus the front door of the house. Despite being a thoroughfare, the space invites you to linger. The use of a glass console allows the design of the stair balustrade to remain completely visible and storage accessible.


An interesting and high ceiling structure gives drama to the main bedroom. The room is made restful by a neutral palette and fitted bed linen. The clever use of fabric as the wardrobe doors is a functional solution in a limited space.


The inclusion of an heirloom, handcrafted dressing gown hung in the stairwell, can be appreciated as you access the upstairs space.

Color Palette

#eae4d0 #cdae70